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Mid-West Feeder, Inc. was started in 1977 by Cleamon (Pete) and Betty Barnes.  When Pete passed away in 1988, Betty took over running Mid-West Feeder, Inc. until her death in 2004.  At that time, Cynthia (Cindy), their daughter, and her husband Scott Gustafson purchased the company in full.

Pete and Betty founded Mid-West Feeder, Inc. with the belief that if we provided the customer with the best products we could build, and provided excellent service after the sale, that would earn us the trust of our customers.  We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term customers.

Mid-West Feeder, Inc. is a high quality custom tooling house specializing in the design and construction of vibratory feeding equipment.  We manufacture custom tooled vibratory feeder bowls, standard screw feeders, vibratory and gravity tracks, parts storage hoppers, release and escapement mechanisms, machine bases, hydraulically adjustable stands and sound enclosures.  Each year we ship hundreds of feeder bowls to all areas of the country and abroad.

Mid-West Feeder, Inc. is a service-oriented company.  We realize the importance of keeping production line equipment running and we work hard to accommodate our customers in terms of maintaining their equipment.

Scott Gustafson and Tim Greenfield now run the company.  We have 14 employees other than Scott and Tim, three in the office, one in quality control, ten in production.

Scott has 20+ years experience in building and selling vibratory feeding systems.  His experience provides excellent customer support and confidence in providing the customer with exactly what they expect.  His expertise is mainly in custom systems, although he is capable of selling fasteners systems as well.  He also does service work.

Tim Greenfield is our General Manager.  He has 25 years experience in building and selling vibratory feeding systems.  His expertise is working with fastener companies and their needs; but is capable of selling custom systems.  He also does service work.

While Scott and Tim do all of the in office sales work, they also do all of the scheduling, manage the production of all products and oversee the shipment of each item.

We believe we are one of the best manufacturers of vibratory feeding systems available.  We are confident that should you decide to place an order with us, that you will be very pleased with the quality of work and comfort level you will have in our ability to do your work.

We appreciate your interest in Mid-West Feeder, Inc. and are looking forward to working with you and your company in the future.

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